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Hawaiian Caramel Crisp

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"Hawaiian Caramel Crisp" Hawaiian standard caramel crisp! ! Our original caramel sauce made with plenty of Hawaiian ingredients is entwined with popcorn popped with carefully selected mushroom beans. Leis Hawaii, I highly recommend this product. ・KONA SEA SALT This handmade salt is made from seawater drawn from the deep sea in Kona, Hawaii, and dried in the bright sun of Hawaii. Its mellow and umami taste is selected and used in famous restaurants on each island of Hawaii. ・MAUI SUGER Maui sugar made from fresh sugar cane grown in Maui 100% natural sugarcane sugar with a gentle sweetness and richness. *Specific Ingredients: Milk *This product is manufactured on the same equipment as products containing eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, and shrimp. *The expiration date is "180 days". We use a "mushroom type" that is different from the conventional popcorn type that you often see. To coat the caramel sauce and lock in the original deliciousness of the sauce, the mushroom type that swells round is a good match. Here lies the secret to its fluffy and crispy texture.

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